2017 Mac Forbes Riesling RS19, Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia

2017 Mac Forbes Riesling RS19, Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia


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We had a lengthy tasting appointment with Mac on our first afternoon in the little hamlet of Healesville in the Yarra Valley.  Think of St. Helena’s Main Street 50+ years ago.  While we wait for some of Mac’s more current Pinot Noir and Chardonnay to arrive, we “settled” on this wonderful just off dry, thirst quenching Riesling.  Mac is a young guy who has worked every aspect of the wine trade, but made his name “a biggie” when he was named winemaker for the Yarra Valley’s undisputed pioneer and most highly acclaimed Mount Mary winery.  We were blown away when we had a few opportunities to taste Mount Mary, and our goal is to secure bottles for the store.  NOT to take anything away from Mac’s obvious ability, rather to advise that you won’t want to miss ANY of his wines either.  Greatness seems to find one another!  Yes, the RS19 is in reference to the residual sugar after the fermentation has completed or been prevented from continuing.  Even though this measurement is well past the thresh hold for perceived sweetness, this Riesling’s high, etchy acidity works to off set or negate any excessive ripeness on the palate.


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