2017 Pfneiszl Zweigler (100% Zweigelt), Burgenland, Austria

2017 Pfneiszl Zweigler (100% Zweigelt), Burgenland, Austria


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From the Pfneiszl sisters: “We are sisters, farmers and winemakers. Zweigler is the PET NAME for our PEPPERY Zweigelt, Austria’s DEAREST red grape. Zweigler comes from our Austrian vineyards. We also make wine in Hungary, like our family did before there was a border. The land is our livelihood. We live to respect and share its gift of wine. In it twinkle the stars and sun, the wildness of nature, the faces of our friends and family and perhaps yours too!”
1 Liter bottle! Another fun and delicious project from sisters Birgit and Katrin Pfneiszl. Organic farming, old vines and wild fermentation, all contribute to the finesse of their wines. They’re lighter, prettier, less structured, more aromatic, so we were happy to discover Birgit and Katrin’s increasing involvement in the Austrian estate.
Pfneiszl (pha-nie-zull)
100% Zweigelt (ZZ-why-gelt) from heavy loam soils.
Fermentation and maceration in stainless steel tank.
13.2% Alcohol


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