2018 Geyerhof Stockwerk Zweigelt, Kremstal, Austria

2018 Geyerhof Stockwerk Zweigelt, Kremstal, Austria


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In German, StockWerk means the work (Werk) on the vine (Stock). The Zweigelt StockWerk is sourced from vines
growing on the hills of Oberfucha. These are cool sites south of the Danube river near the city of Krems where fruit ripens
well while preserving its natural acidity. Vines grow on primary rocks and are hand harvested from vineyards that
support a diversity of local flora and fauna.  Bright, fresh and juicy!  It has delicate cherry aromas, lush, enjoyable richness, fine aroma structure, elegant, ideal supplement for meals, makes you fancy for more.  Very versatile!  Serve with casual fare, or on your Thanksgiving table.  But will certainly hold up to stuffed cabbage, or even a proper Hungarian venison or beef Goulash.


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