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Great Older Vintage Wines to Buy and Drink Now

vintage-wines_the-wine-consultant_jean-mills_770x645We like this Sacramento retailer for their emphasis on wines that express their unique origins around the world, with a particular focus on distinctive, natural wines from places of severe viticulture. When sourcing older vintages, owner Eric Stumpf says he follows these general guidelines: pedigree, place, vintage, track record, winemaker, and overall balance of structure, but he likes to “keep an open mind and take chances, especially on ‘off’ vintages or lesser known regions,” like off-the-beaten path reds from Italy.

His choices for the holidays? “The 2008 Palari Faro DOC Sicily or the 2001 Arpepe Sassella Rocce Rosse Riserva from the Valtellina in Lombardy.”

Originally written by Sarah H. Bray posted at on Dec. 14, 2015 Original article can be found here

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