2016 Melanie Pfister Grand Cru Engelberg Riesling, Alsace, France

2016 Melanie Pfister Grand Cru Engelberg Riesling, Alsace, France



This is an incredible Alsatian dry 2016 Riesling from Melanie Pfister’s 2 acre Grand Cru Engleburg vineyard parcel.  Wine & Spirits recently published its “Year’s Best Wines from Alsace”.  The Riesling selections included the usual grand cru suspects from Weinbach, Zind-Humbrecht and — most iconically (and expensively) –Trimbach’s Clos St. Hune.  There, toe-to-toe with those august giants, stood this wine from Melanie Pfister.  She is one of the most dynamic and talented young winemakers in France; and her ’16 Engelberg may be the best wine she has ever released.  The very conservative critic John Gilman wrote about Melanie’s Riesling, “This is fast becoming one of my absolute favorite dry Riesling cuvées from Alsace!”  Check out the both attached pdfs for all the glorious reviews/ratings.  Wine Advocate has only reviewed up to 2015.  Only 20 cases imported to the United States!

“Engelberg, or Angel’s Hill, is a south-facing hillside vineyard that was praised for its wine as early as 884. The topsoil here is positively Spartan–averaging 20 inches in depth–sitting on a mound of limestone mother rock into whose cracks the vines root (the rock was so pure that a quarry was established in the middle of the slope and produced lime into the 20th century). Mélanie farms less than two acres here, all located in the prime mid-slope zone of this exceptional northern grand cru. The combination of a cooler site, limestone soils, and painstaking organic farming with deft winemaking make for a piercingly dry, elegant, yet fabulously rich style of Riesling that can deliver symphonic complexity in top vintages like 2016.  Want to know why Riesling is considered one of the world’s finest white wines?  Try a glass of this an hour after opening and see.”




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