2018 Do Ferreiro Albarino Adina, Rias Baixas, Galicia, Spain

2018 Do Ferreiro Albarino Adina, Rias Baixas, Galicia, Spain



“The 2018 Adina comes from the southernmost vineyard they work, a parish close to Portonovo, a zone with influence from the fog (which brings saltiness) and completely different soils, as it’s on red slate. The nose feels more austere, a little more closed. This is a wine that has good light and burns more malic acid, and the wine feels more citrusy, giving it a different kind of freshness. It’s harmonious and serious, subtle; there is a lot of complexity, really elegant. There are 2,000 bottles of this. It was bottled in September 2019. – 94+ points, Wine Advocate (June 2020) – Luis Gutierrez

I tasted the first bottled red from Do Ferreiro, only 300 bottles of a Caíño. They keep working with the vineyards. Tomada do Sapo was replanted in 2016 with trellised vines with guyot pruning, to experiment with the system for the aeration it provides. In 2020, they should start using the grapes for Do Ferreiro, and eventually they might go back to bottling it separately, as it was done between 1999 and 2011 for a local distributor in Spain. When talking about vintages, they compare 2018 with 2010, a similar cycle, with a late budding and cold and foggy weather, and at the end of July, it changed completely, from winter to summer, and the harvest dates went back to normal, because they had almost two weeks of delay until the heat came. That heat brought the harvest dates forward up to 20 days. And that tells them the vintage should be long lived and might start showing its best five years after the harvest. So, 2018 is a vintage they like very much, while not reaching the heights of the years that had perfect weather. Their perfect harvests were 2005, 2007 and 2015. They had 20% lower yields in 2019 because of hail in Salnés, and in 2019, there will only be Do Ferreiro and Cepas Vellas, going back to the past; none of the special or single-vineyard wines will be bottled. They see 2019 as a unique vintage, with very expressive wines, ready early on but with very high acidity, so it should be approachable when young but it’s also going to age nicely. Both 2018 and 2019 are cooler years than 2016 and 2017.”


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