2018 Infiné 1939 Pinot Grigio, Trentino Superiore DOC, Alto Adige, Italy

2018 Infiné 1939 Pinot Grigio, Trentino Superiore DOC, Alto Adige, Italy



Other than the Infiné 1939, it is difficult to remember the last time we so highly endorsed a wine from the ubiquitous varietal of Pinot Grigio!  BUT THIS ONE IS DIFFERENT!  It is not your grandma’s Pinot Grigio!

David S. Taub was born in 1939.  He founded the Palm Bay International wine import company with his father Martin in 1977.   His marketing acumen and pioneering spirit were responsible for introducing and making Pinot Grigio a household name in America and earning him the moniker “Father of Pinot Grigio”.  He fervently showcased Italy’s finest wines and dedicated 36 years to pursuing this dream with world-renown winemakers, before he passed away in 2012 at the age of 72 years.

David Taub ‘s son Marc Taub, President & CEO of Taub Family Companies created the “Infiné 1939” project to commemorate and pay tribute his father’s dedication to Pinot Grigio from northern Italy.  For this very special, pure expression of Pinot Grigio, two Trentino-Alto Adige vineyards were selected at the highest elevation (1300 feet above sea level) of the Dolomite Alps where the variety can still successfully be cultivated.  Nearby Lake Garda provides warm weather during the day with temperatures cooling at night.  Freshness and high acidity are the hallmark characteristics of the fruit grown in these sites.

Both sites are planted to two particular clones of 15–28-year-old Pinot Grigio vines which have been identified by the Institute of Viticulture San Michele all’Adige to produce smaller, sparser bunches and adapt better to cooler climates and the glacier influenced rocky and calcareous soils of Trentino.  The result is a natural and annual, extremely low yield at harvest, which can only intensify aromatics and flavors.

Adding to the status of “Infiné 1939” is the partnership with the legendary Italian winemaker Carlo Ferrini, one of Italy’s most highly acclaimed and renown winemakers.  As a consultant, Carlo Ferrini’s impact on Italian winemaking is immeasurable. Manager of the technical department of the Consortium of Chianti Classico Wine for 16 years, as well as receiving numerous ‘winemaker of the year’ awards from varied trade groups and publications (Gambero Rosso “Oenologist of the Year” 2000, Wine Enthusiast “Winemaker of the Year” 2007 among others), Ferrini’s experience and dedication guarantee a very special wine.

Photograph of Carlo Ferrini in his Giodo Vineyard in Montalcino I took February 2020.

The grape bunches from the two vineyards are carefully hand harvested and sorted separately, as they ripen at slightly different times the end of September and early October.  Immediately, the whole bunches are gently pressed, and juice is separated, to prevent any color from being extracted from the pink tinted skins.  Fermentation and aging take place in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks.  The wine never touches any wood.  Malolactic fermentation is prevented.  The wine is refined in bottle for ten months before release.

Even after 4 years, the 2018’s color is still pale with a straw yellow color.  Immediate and compelling, but intensely fruity, and fresh aromas on the nose reminiscent of green apple and pear enhanced with crushed stone minerality and lemon-lime citrus notes.  Dry, round and mouthfilling on the palate, with substantial structure and complexity! Exclamation points for its evolving complexity, nuance and still bright and active acidity for the variety.  Uber flavors are embellished with underlying saline-like minerality from the marl-glacial deposits unique to each vineyard. A fairly full-bodied, 100% varietal Pinot Grigio, the 1939 Infine takes the ubiquitous Pinot Grigio and lifts it to new, lofty heights of appreciation.  Should continue to evolve and surprise skeptics.  13.0% alcohol.  6.4 g/l acidity.  Just 4,548 bottles produced.

Perfection with Renée’s miso glazed black cod.  But delicious and fully appreciated by itself!   We think this is the perfect autumn-fall wine.  Try with butternut squash ravioli with toasted pine nuts, sage and brown butter sauce.  Or grilled bockwurst sausage garnished with sauteed sliced apple and pear.   An obvious and easy choice for your holiday table!


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