2018 La Farra Prosecco Valdobbiadene Brut DOCG, Veneto , Italy

2018 La Farra Prosecco Valdobbiadene Brut DOCG, Veneto , Italy



The winery is run entirely by the the Nardi brothers, Innocente and Guido. Besides being passionate winemakers, they preserve and apply with dedication the knowledge gained at the Oenology School in Conegliano, the oldest in Italy. This institution, both a cultural and educational jewel of the area, has contributed to improving grape growing methods and to developing the sparkling wine culture tied to Prosecco. It has also brought this culture of the highest levels of quality and technology to the Conegliano-Valdobbiadene area which is known worldwide.

Made from a special selection of 100% Glera grapes from vineyards lying in the upper hills of Farra di Soligo, Farrò, Solighetto and San Pietro di Feletto.  The soils are a mixture of clay and limestone (180 -300 meters above sea level), and the vine training systems used are “Double-Arched Cane” and “Sylvoz”, with a plant density of 3000-3700 vines per hectare. The vineyards are cultivated directly by La Farra.
Harvested by hand the last ten days of September.  Traditional white wine vinification with soft pressing; fermentation is slow and lasts approximately 15 days, at a controlled temperature of 18° C; subsequently the wine is racked and stored at low temperatures in thermo-regulated stainless steel tanks.  To transform the wine to sparkling, the traditional Charmat Method is used to preserve the delicacy and fruitiness of the wines.  The prise de mousse takes place in pressurized tanks for some 25-30 days at a temperature of 16-18 degrees C, while maturation continues another 3-4 months.
High energy foamy and frothy fun with notes of citrus, apple and pear.  Creamy and soft, but still vibrant and fresh.  Perfect for brunch or patio relaxation with a fruit and cheese board.  Or ideally paired with sashimi!


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