2019 Domaine Hippolyte Reverdy Sancerre, Loire Valley, France

2019 Domaine Hippolyte Reverdy Sancerre, Loire Valley, France



Hippolyte Reverdy’s family has been making wine in the charming village of Verdigny, a commune of Sancerre in the eastern Loire, for many generations—perhaps as far back as 1600. Traditional in nature, the farm was planted to multiple crops, and the Reverdy’s raised goats and made small quantities of wine from their own vines for local consumption. It was not until the end of World War II that Hippolyte began increasing his Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir production, selling it to accommodate increasing demands from Paris. Hippolyte and his three sons began bottling small quantities under their own label, although the lion’s share of the grapes was still being sold off to the local cave coopérative. Michel joined his father and brothers in 1971, shortly after finishing high school. Kermit began working with the domaine for the first time in 1983. .

Today, Michel farms fourteen hectares of vineyards on his own. Chris Santini, our man in France, writes of Michel, “His dedication is total. He’s one of the few remaining vignerons in France who truly live like a paysan [peasant]. No vacation, no travel, ever. He’s happy just to stay on the farm, working seven days a week, and wanting nothing more and nothing less…[Michel] plans to keep working the land until he physically can’t get himself out to the vines any longer.” In earlier days, Kermit considered the Sancerre blanc very good, with great typicity, although since Michel has taken the reins, Kermit says that Reverdy has since “become the benchmark domaine of our day.” – From importer Kermit Lynch

The Sauvignon Blanc is estate grown on Kimmeridgian limestone and marl.  After hand picked, the grapes are gently pressed by pneumatic press immediately following the harvest.   The must settles for 36 hours.  Then the clear juice is racked and fermented in temperature-controlled stainless steel cuves.  The wine rests on its lees for 2-3 months, while stirred 3 or 4 times to keep lees suspended throughout the liquid.  Finally the wine is bottled in the Spring around Easter.


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