2019 Lyrarakis Liatiko Aggelis, Crete, Greece

2019 Lyrarakis Liatiko Aggelis, Crete, Greece


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OUR Tasting Notes:  100% Liatiko.  Light red color.  Complex aromas of plum and ripe cherry, fennel and dried autumn leaves all sprinkled with a “fruit cake-like” spice.  Savory, very complex and fresh with a very slight, pleasant nuance of amaro-like bitterness which seems to accentuate the integrated tannin into the extended finish.  A very intriguing surprise for Pinot Noir and Gamay fans!  Should be on every GEEKS Thanksgiving table!

The “Aggelis” vineyard was planted on the native rootstock of the Liatiko varietal grape in 1930s and serves to highlight the authenticity and wealth of eastern Crete.  The low yields of small grapes have exceptionally high berry cluster density.  The clusters are vinified, almost uncrushed, in small vats. “Respect to natural micro-flora that defines fermentations, results in a rare wine, characterized by a self-sufficient flavor and aromatic fullness.”

Viticulture practices for the 2019 vintage include;

  • The fruit being harvested based on analysis and flavor profile
  • Fermentation by indigenous yeasts.
  • The bunches are fermented almost whole in oak tank.
  • Fermentation is made without any temperature control.
  • No fining and no cold treatments
  • SO2 at bottling is minimal (less than 60ppm



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