2019 Sans Liege The Offering, Central Coast, California

2019 Sans Liege The Offering, Central Coast, California



Under the circumstances, maybe the later release of the 2019 is a good omen.  We missed it for Thanksgiving, but now The Offering is just in time for your December holiday table.   This new vintage has a little different twist to it, as two different wines have been produced.  Now, a very limited “Co-Ferment” is available, where the Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre are all co-fermented together at the same time.  Note, the percentages of the varietal component for each wine differ from one another.  The “Regular” The Offering blend is 42% Grenache, 38% Syrah, and 20% Mourvedre.  The new “Co-Ferment” is 53% Grenache, 37% Syrah, and 10% Mourvedre.  For the second vintage in a row, a small amount of Viognier has been excluded from each blend.

Please read this winery pdf tech sheet for more details regarding the “Regular” bottling which is currently available at the winery’s website for $29 a bottle.  OUR PRICE IS $24.95 a bottle. 

Renee and I sampled both wines side-by-side and definitely preferred the “Regular” bottling upon opening.  Beautiful floral and spiced dark cherry aromas lilt from the glass.  On the palate the ripe black cherry fruit is intense, but smooth and refined and showing some restraint.   The “Co-Ferment” displayed a murky-funky nose, and the cherry fruit flavors were muddled by earthy and slightly herbaceous, bitter and stemmy notes.  For us, the “Co-Ferment” lacked immediate appeal.  However, after returning to both wines 48 hours later (under refrigeration) each wine had grown in richness, while the “Co-Ferment” was slightly more concentrated, and its “funk and muddle” completely dissipated.  GO FIGURE?  Our recommendation is to purchase the “Regular”, but maybe just a bottle or two of the “Co-Ferment” if you are curious, or wish to make the comparison.

The Offering “Co-Ferment” is $29.95 a bottle.  My understanding is only 34 cases of the “Co-Ferment” are currently available.


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