2019 Weingut Wohlmuth Gelber Muskateller Steinriegl, Steiermark, Styria, Austria

2019 Weingut Wohlmuth Gelber Muskateller Steinriegl, Steiermark, Styria, Austria


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The importer has graciously provided us with a few more unexpected cases of the this highly acclaimed wine, known for its long term cellaring capability, but oh so delicious now.

The Muscat a Petit Grains is known as Gelber Muskateller in Germany and Austria!  Can you say a “garden in a glass”…..aromas of a flower shop, make you believe the wine is going to be off-dry.  FOOLED YOU!  DRY!

Let me preface, the 2019 vintage is considered one of the finest all time growing seasons in the Steiermark-Styria (southeastern Austria) region, which has a well established reputation for finest, long lived, extremely complex white wines!  Gerhard Wohlmuth sets the highest bar for those to follow.

“Hike” the vineyards of Wohlmuth and you are traversing some of the steepest plots in all of Europe. The mother rock here is composed of slate and schist.  Powerful sunshine provides phenolic ripeness and Kitzeck Sauzal’s high elevation hilltop location means huge diurnal swings which slow the ripening process and preserve the natural acidity in the grape.  The result is intense freshness, tight rope tension, and a linear acidity.

Aromatic, very grapey muscat notes, black pepper, ripe mandarins, a Gelber Muskateller with depth.

“A subtle scent of elderflower rises gently from the glass, eventually domiating the entire nose. The palate is more toned down, holding on to its aromatics and also revealing a certain stony austerity. This is light-footed and fresh, but also concentrated and still young. It is the bright, utterly zesty and intense lemon peel note at the very core that is the promise for the future.96 points ~ Wine Enthusiast


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