2021 Cornarea Roero Arneis DOCG, Canele, Piedmont, Italy

2021 Cornarea Roero Arneis DOCG, Canele, Piedmont, Italy



For those of you not familiar with the beautiful Arneis variety, which now flourishes and is best sourced from the small region of Roero DOCG (2005) just to the north of Alba, this refreshing and gorgeous white wine is the drink of choice for the landlocked Piedmontese who crave the just caught diversity of seafood trucked in daily from the nearby Ligurian coast.

The 2021 Cornarea Arneis Roero reminds us of the first and very lovely 2018 vintage we purchased.  The 2019 was more linear and needed to time to blossom.  We passed on the 2020 because it had a phenolic bitterness we felt would be off putting to our customers.  Looks like we have come full circle!  Don’t miss!

Roero [roˈɛːro] Arneis DOCG is made from the Arneis grape, a white, indigenous grape variety, that has existed in the area since 15th century. The Cornarea winery, named after the famous Cornarea Hill (1000 AD), was the first one to invest in the effort to save this species of vine, as at the beginning of the 1970s it had almost entirely disappeared. In 1975 Cornarea planted the variety on twelve hectares of the sloping hillsides of Cornarea Hill overlooking the small township of Canale.  Its disappearance was due to the difficulty of producing the finicky Arneis wine without adequate technologies.  In fact in Piedmontese the word Arneis means “naughty boy”.  Nowadays Roero Arneis represents the strength and the deliverance of the wine-producing Roero area, of which Canale is ground zero for this variety.  The wine is fermented in stainless steel where it remains on the lees for at least 6 months before bottling.  It is a true expression of the local terroir.

A straw yellow color, this medium-bodied wine has an intense aroma of white flowers, bosc pear and lemon peel, and white almonds.   Repeated on the palate, this dry Arneis is mouth coating, grows in richness, is well balanced and very elegant and most importantly still vibrantly fresh and inviting.  The finish hints at extended skin contact which complements the wine’s unique and slightly ashy-minerality thanks to the presence of magnesium found abundantly in the Cornarea hill soil.  Last night it was delectable with grilled black cod.  Honestly, we have enjoyed many, but one will be hard pressed to find a better Arneis from Roero, especially at this price.

Should be $33.95 a bottle.  NOW for a limited time just $28.95.  Purchase 12+/ $26.95